Thursday, December 31, 2009

WTF ! cannot study !

i wrote this and stick this in front of the wall of my study table...
i really did it ! but not in study ! but playinG T.T
Gone for AVATAR aGain ! cause wanna watch the 3D one ~! but didn't Get the ticket...
so ..aih the oriGinal version aGain Y.Y

Found out McD sundae is extremely LARGE portion at 3am !
so next time Gonna Go for it at the same time ~! ^.^
Juanda is here for holidays !!! ^.^
hurray ! Go for Restraunt YUS 2 that we used to hanG out a lots for MU vs WIG !!!
damn borinG thje match was GoinG so freakinG slow.... Go home !
6 am tidur...
9 am EVONNE woke me up .... T.T
ask me to send her to PUDU cause she was GoinG back ..
Damn sleepy wei !!!back..then slept for whole day !
have a safe journey back lar you !!!
and hope everythinG is fine k !!pray for you !!!
and wish everyone !!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!HAPPY 2010 !!!!!

and WTF!!! all the ATM machine at Maybank were OUT OF SERVICE!!!! >.<
i am freakinG broke now ! WTF!!!
but do Get some fireworks and alcohol ~! :P wow !
prepare to Get drunk toniGht ~! :)

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