Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cindy's in the TOWN!

Cindy was finally done with her ACCA exam ~!
so she is COMING to KL!!!
wahhaha ~!
so we plan to have a GatherinG for somethinG~!!
it was a public holiday but it ended up everyone is busy !
WTH!! it's public holiday !!! wei !
ALBERT have exam T.T
NaiCin Gonna work Y.Y
Patricia suddenly Got order from daddy to do stuff @.@
so only me and SenG reached TimeSquare at 2pm...
walkinG around and Go to Cindy's NEW OUTLET at TimeSquare!!
LOIS~!! opposite Levi's ~!! Got time Go bonG chan yea ~! ^.^
we shop around and Get somethinG~! hurray ~!!
then Albert arrived. and so does Patricia ~!
we went to WonGKwokCharChanTenG for food ~!
My food ~! yummy ~! ^.^
then NaiCin finally at last arrived.!!!
with her stunninG short hair ! OMG! i never saw her since JUNE this year T.T
since we finished dinenr and she don't wanna hve Hongkies food anymore...
so we moved to Madam Kwan's for dessert and her for dinner ~!
wow ~! and i saw this while shoppinG around ~!
what the hell they waitinG for ?
yuan lai waitinG for the fake snow ~!
wahsheh ~!!! scary wei !! so crowded ~! ^.^
enouGh talkinG after eatinG and chit-chatinG wanna Go for movie but it's FULL!!
wanna sinG k but cindy must Go back met her daddy dy T.T
so we just say bye bye for the day and plan to met aGain at 31st DEC!!!
ouch ! i can't wait for this day to come ~! ^.^
here's some nice pic ? and some "i Gonna be kill" picture~!
a cute little Girl and she is so good in posinG ~! ^.^
Albert squattinG smokinG with VuiSenG NaiCin Cindy Pat behind.
GreG and Send the "couple" princess huG~!
Free Kick ! ^.^
Cindy Gonna kill me picture !
Pat Gonna kill me pic !
SenG Gonna kill me PIC!
NaiCin Gonna kill me nostril pic !
and us without Cindy and Pat and GreG pretendinG as if there was car accident reaction pic ~! ^.^
End of story ! bye bye !


Get a couple Tee's at TimeSquare ~!
and also 3 Tees ~! so happy wei !!!
ohhh ~! i'm so sick with Pavillion already !
wow ! how many days i 've been there for this week dy ?
OMG~! but still ! i have lots of FUN!! XOXO!
LOVE you Guys ! i so miss you Guys wei !


pig said...

sofa~! LOL

~G~ said...

hahahah ~! shit ! here come sofa aGain ~!! haiz !!! no worry lar ! no people race with you one ~! wahahha ~! except me !!

pig said...

u cannot coz unfair

~G~ said...

wahahahha ~! who so free Grab sofa in their own bloG ?
wahahha ~! opps ~! may be i will ~! wahahahah ~!