Thursday, December 3, 2009

What you up to ?

It was a super duper HOT and SUNNY day ~!!!
wow ~!!! since so lonG never play basketball already !
AND! i have my basketball in Cherish ~!
i decided to play BASKETBALL!!!!
In the NOON under the freakinG hot SUN!!!
the basketball courts like belonGs to ME!
and it was FUN!
haha ~! after that..i met ChuaVuiSenG and Kenneth !
they say ! wow ! why you looks so tan!?
wahahha ~! then yo ~! i just realized that i'm like charcoal !
wow ~! hopefully i won't Get skin cancer!!! ^.^
BASKETBALL in the noon!
down in my memory lane....i only did it durinG secondary school ~! wahhah ~!
wow ~! i miss beinG younG~!!! ^.^
At niGht! after meetinG up with beloved Vernie!!!!
Aaron ask me to Go for a drink at XinQuan house ~!
haha ~!
Aaron emo talkinG ~! teasinG Daniel ~! etc etc....hahaha ~!
Daniel tried to chanGe topic about him but...
WeiChianG always say "So....." and manaGe drift back to the same topic aGAin !! hehehe ~!
so fun kacau+inG other people !
Drunkard layinG on the middle of the ROAD!!! wahahhaha ~!!!
a sudden idea due to tiredness ~!!!!
Aaron say he felt like sleepinG!
"Lay down lar", i say!
"On the road???"
DRUNKARD!!! wahhahaha ~!!!!
it was so comfortable layinG on the middle of the road !!! wow ~!!!
i wonder how we looks like when cars ran over us ~! ^.^
and it sure FUN! :P


pig said...

i still remember laz time u got drunk n lay down n sleepin on d kaki lima outside kbox XD
every1 is watchin u but u dun give a shit loooooooool
when i went out every1 ask me "kenape dia tu?" looooooooooool
now u did it again looooooooooooool
hope u do it again next time looooooooooooooool

~G~ said...

hahahaha ~!!!
but not in the middle of the road mah ~!!!
wahhaha ~! i remember once i nearly lay myself on my puke ler!!!! >.<
luckily jiun n keet them carry me ~! or else....!!! OMG! my maid will be very pity >.<