Saturday, December 5, 2009


may be this cannot be considered as MOVIE MARATHON!....
cause we only watched 3 movie....
let's consider it as a short distance marathon~! :P
1st movie ! new moon!
drivinG stariGht from Semenyih fetchinG Kenneth and then Sunway..fetchinG YihShin... a rush....we skipped lunch and Go for the movie ~!!
because someone fault!
haha ~! that someone was GREG!
because i shit and shower and move very slow...~! :P
NEW MOON~!! haha~! it was nice ~!
i HATE Edward and Isabella.and felt pity about Jacob~! T.T
after that movie..
we WAlked around Sunway Pyramid ~!
wow ~! the whole shoppionG mall was showered with Christmas feel ~!
the decoration there was nice ~!
and it was "snowinG"!!! waw!!!
and there was a performance there ~! :Pafter the performance...
we finally Go for our "lunch"??? it was 5pm ~! ^.^
haha..sorry Guys~! i make you Guys starve for so lonG~!
wow ~! Manhattan Fish Market!
so yummy~!!! ^.^

after the so called Lunch...
the 2nd movie ~!!! Christmas Carol ~!!
wow ~! the Graphic was nice ~!!! :)
since durinG NEW MOON....we finished the larGe pop corn like ????30min??
GreG decided to buy a Jumbo size popcorn!!!!
ended up ! we can't finish it T.T
done with Christmas Carol !!!
we walkinG around takinG picture!!!
wow ~!the christmas decoration in Sunway Pyramid is really nice !!
see ~!!! X-mas tree made up of heineken~!!!! and the biG Stitch !!!!
Don't eat me !!! wahahha !
After buyinG some stuff for Evonne....
We Go for the 3rd movie !!!!
this movie is seriously damn nice!!!
Couples Retreat!!!
GreG saw the actor already felt that this movie will be very nice!!!
and it was so nice !!! MUST WATCH!!! ^.^
done with that movie's already about 12....
no more movie ticket... T.T
so we just walkaround and take more picture~! ^.^
see ~!! LOVE the show man ~!!!
wahhahhaa ~!!! emo pose~!!!
Lonely x-mas!!!!wahahha ~!!!
won't be Gua ~!! DENYSE is cominG over my place for X-mas !! hurray !!!!
opps ~! or may be ???
then we had our supper at Asia cafe!!!!


feierh said...

I wanna join next time!!! movie marathonXD
i love the photo of big-stitch-staring-at-you!

~G~ said...

wahahhaha ~!!!
credited to Yihshin !!!
btw !!!
stitch not starinG at me !!! he Gonna eat me ~!! HELP!!!!!
haha ~! i manaGed to survive at last ~! wahahah

janetgan said...

can ask me also ah, next time. i mean, from next september onwardsT_T...
movie marathon is, is, JENG! T_T

~G~ said...

cheh~! dun wanna Go with you ~!
you Go with ah HONG~! wahahaha ~!

chubikia said...

yes. next time go earlier. So you must wake up earlier la!

~G~ said...

nGek nGek nGek ~! aiyo !
that day Got class bah ~! if not sure watch at least 7 movies one !! SEVEN you KNOW!!! TUJUH!! qi !!! chat!! qit wahahha !