Monday, December 21, 2009

X-Mas Party and hanG out

So ~! since nothinG to do ~!
Go out shoppinG with Evonne and after that her uncle's house for X-Mas Party ~! ^.^
We hanG out at MV cause MNG Got SALES!!! @.@
i was being "tauGht" of how to be a GOOD boyfriend !
half way testinG on some shirts...
Evonne called and say Got some important task for me ...
notice "IMPORTANT"..
so i rush back to MNG...and she say she Gonna train me to be a GOOD boyfriend @.@
and Put all the clothes she choose in my arms and ask me to queue for the fittinG room ! #.#
but ~! i saw quite a numbers of LenGLuisssss ..
and also some pity GOOD boyfriend ~!
wahkakak ! their facial reaction is almost the same ~! pity !
wahahha ~!!! so funny ! ^.^
wow ~! so nice the decoration there ....every year X-Mas i surely be at Mid valley ~! wahahah ~!
after shoppinG ~! SUSHI KING aGain #.#
OMG!! how many times i have been eatinG sushi this week
Gardens ~! Got Christmas Carol ~! ^.^
pretty nice !
then shop for a while i Get myself a shirt...
then we move to Evonne's uncle's house ~!!!
so crowded !!! wahahha!!! since doesn't know a sinGle of them...
i just become the nanny of the child there ~!
and i met this pretty cute little Girl !
she was hyper active and kept on runninG jumpinG here and there ..
so tired lookinG after child -.-'
and here's come princess ~! she scare the hell out of Alicia ~! ^.^ wahahaha !
i was i can't control myself LOL !!!
and here's my X-mas present from the family ~! ^.^
huh ! OMG! 1 Alicia is anouGh already !
imaGine !! how many kids was there that niGht !!!
haha ! they are DEVIL but thay are also the anGel !!! ^.^
it was a Great day !! ^.^
and come on ! see Alicia dancinG ~!! wahahha


pig said...

SOFA ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so faz jiu fink dao children le good good
gogogo mega-saur-ass hahahahahahahhaa

~G~ said...

WAH~!!! WTF! -.-'