Thursday, December 3, 2009

LeaGue + Viva la Vida

At least!
it doesn't rain all the way lonG until the leaGue have to be cancel!!! ^.^
hurray !!!!
i think i didn't pray hard enouGh...that's why...
so it rains at the 2nd quater of the match ~! was just a friendly match ~!
RAPTORS! wow ~!!!! at least we know who's our teammates and yeah ~!
we are GOOD~! haha ~! <3
straiGht after the match ~! Gone shower at the sport complex since the time is quite pack! i wanna Go for ViVa la Vida !!orGanized by Pharm.notts!!! sport complex...
saw someone that i doesn't wanted to meet..
but ..auh..what to do....manners mah....
must say "hi" back since that person was like wavinG and sayinG hi like ???twice???@.@
don't be rude mah....
how am i suppose to clear my mind ?????@.@ OMFG!
after shower...VIVA LA VIDA!!!!
THe BELLY DANCE was extremely AWESOME!!!
Rebecca is so so so so so CUTE!!!!
lazy to describe....whoever there will know what happen ~! ^.^
and Doreen team dancinG was nice too~!!!
everythinG was so nice ~!!!
except T.T
the fried chicken chop was so freakinG SLOW....
the buble shake was so SLOW


Melissa said...

Chou GreG, I wanna watch movie oh....and ice skating....

~G~ said...

hahahahah ~!!! let's GO~~!!!!
u sure die one marathon with me ~!!
who ask you Go back Tawau so fast !! wahahah!

yihshin said...

hahaha.. you can tahan meh.. you're zaa-er than me lor.

~G~ said...

wahhhhh ~! wei ! REMEMBER!!! i DROVE~!! >.<
wahahahah ~!

yihshin said...

oh ya hor.. sorry la.. :(