Friday, January 9, 2009

i love SALAD!!!

I love SALAD...perhaps.. T.T
last night... i make a biG bowl of salad !!!fantastic !
it's kinda BIG and i don't think i can finish it even in 3 days by myself #.#

so here is my SALAD and the inGredients are:
perhaps you can firstly Guess from the pic below !! XD

so.. this is my lunch today..salad...
so the inGredients are : tomatoes, potatoes, onions, broccoli, cucumbers, eggs, chicken, frankfurters, and mayonies.. wow !! it taste great !! some more healthy !! uinah !!*applause*

this is my dinner...salad (again), beans, fried eggs, rice, and herbal chicken soup... XD yummy !
ah ! finished dinner...empty plates with some bones...'m havinG 2 meals per day !!!
but i'm still GrowinG fatter and fatter ..oh my god !!! @.@
may be because of the supper ... sometimes ... haha !


pig said...

wa wa wa salad wa

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

nice ler !! wahaha !!

pig said...

yawoh.. next time make 4 me a.. hehehe