Friday, January 23, 2009

Eat ~ Eat~ EAt~ !! :D lami !!

Finally~~back to TAWAU !!!
a place i Grown up !!!
a place that full of happy and sad memorize!!! T.T
so happy !! i missed the food here and my family !! and my fren !! wahaha !!
love you Guys !!!

so.. these few days will be all about ...
Gather Gather Gather ...
Lami Lami Lami ...
(may be someone don't know what is LAMI.. nvm ..will introduce to you Guys then !!)

let's make this post short and breif :D

we Go for SOTO !! awwweee !!! awesome !!!
and only today i just know that my hometown Got one kind of drink called teh nai special...
so special lar !!!because Got 3 colour :D taste Good too !!!
i dun even know Got such thinGs even stayinG at here for so already long here!!!kinda ashamed !!! :P

"Teh Nai Special" or called "三色奶茶"
(that 3 pretty finGers belonGs to YUNG

and this is SOTO MIX !!
what i ate for breakfast today !! :D
it's called SOTO MIX because Got so many 料 inside..
such as prawn, sliced fish, chicken and other thinGs that i don't even know :D
it's located at MEGA JAYA :D
haha ...i forGet then name of the shop already :D
sorry =.=

then this !!!
my lunch or can be considered as teatime!!

before that ...
we also Go visit our friend, EILEEN that become a tauke nyao(老板娘)
at EASTERN PLAZA ...(a new shoppinG complex here :D)
(SORRY, EILEEN cause i Get you with your eye closed XD)

hoho !!!
we must do somethinG SERIOUS after eatinG for so full !!!
look!!! i'm so serious !!!
we Go for "swimminG"!!!

haha !!! but we won't Get wet even we are "swimminG" this time :D
it totally make us exhausted...
too much brain enerGy used =.=

wow !! LAMI KHAKI !!!
haha !! so this Game is called LAMI !!
we all love LAMI so much !!

this is the my startinG chips !!!
that idiot luks so excited !!
i'm sure he Get a Good combination of deck !!! >.<

when the Game kept on GoinG !!!
this is what i left !!!
and see!!!that dude is GrinninG !!!
so need to Guess la ~~!!
he win away almost all my chips lor !!
@!!$#@!#@$ #.#

but never mind...
with my intelliGent and intelliGence...
see what ended up??!!
i Get my lovely babies back !!!
wahahaha !! :P

all over the Game...
only for once we Get the 4 different colour of startinG decks #.#

we play until forGet what is the time !!!
and ALFRED's mum even offer us dinner !!!
hahahah !!
ALFRED's mummy..thanks for the dinner oh !!
haha !!
i ate a little bit only because i have a BBQ party to catch up with later T.T

oh yea !!
i found a scale !!
then that's is my weiGht !!!
oh Gosh !!
the scale must had broken !!!
unbelievable !!! T.T

we LOVE LAMI !!!muacks !!!


pig said...

1st o all.. hamkacan pukimak from khoo ken yip + we oso got steamboat wa on nian 30 nite.. lol
then from me.. WWWWWAAAAAHHHHHH.. kun o!!!! long time no c neh..
uiyo.. lami o.. i oso wan lami o.. cb la u reory.. next time when i bak i sure cut ur gugu n feed d dog.. u better watch out..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha !!!
aiyo ...
steamboat also no me T.T
wahaha !!!
damnlong time no see lar !! wahaha !!
we suddenly ask him out !! wahaha !!!
reory?where is my G G ?? shit one lar !!
kns !!!

pig said...

well.. if u come here definitely hv 1 wif u..
but unfortubately u'r not here..
u din even ask me 2 lami oso la..
so we'r even now..
gregory ba.. not reory.. stupid laptop ba.. lol
i wont forget gregory this name d..
coz he's d most gayest guy in d world.. lol

janetgan said...

omggggggggggggg..gregory.. remember? i used to be one of the members of lami..T_T.........

but ok la.. sigh..... what to do.....sighhhhhhh......
miss u guys!!