Saturday, January 17, 2009

a so called "stupid" Trip With AlfreD

Today is an interestinG day !!
wahaha !! i'm hanGing out with ALFRED... yeah ~~because exam is over !! hohoho !!
we plan to leave at 10am at 1st ...
but then we ended up sleepinG only at 6am we postpone to 12pm...haha !!

we have been to quite a lot of places today!! :D
haha's the route...

  1. TIMES SQUARE(lost for a while)
  2. LOW YAT
  4. LOT 10
^.^ and this is what i conqured at the end of the day !! yeah ~~ kinda happy !!!

1tb harddisc, keyboard and mouse, 2 earings, 1 jeans

Since today is too excited and having too much fun...
it will be a 8000 words dissertation if i write down all of it :P
so ..let's summarize it with some pic and words....

i like this pic so much !! :D
PAVILION! i come, i see, i conquer !! XD


and this is what we ate throuGh out the day :D
Mixed Beef at BBQ Plaza :D

at shilin

some alcohol at my house

i tried to mix with some ice cream :D
but it ended up taste like couGh medicine T.T
Obviously... i have no talent to be a bartender T^T

haha ...this was fantastic !!
we treid some turkish aiskrim at the place we try SHISHA :P

ALFRED is doinG some commercial advertisement :D
it says"your kids will never cry because they drop their ice-cream"

"ice-cream at here will never fall off even you turn it upside down!!! "
"so have fun and anjoy your ice-cream"

haha ....we are enjoyinG our day at least ...
except that...
me...this lousy tour Guide and also road idiot beinG lost for a while when wanan Go to LOWYAT from TIMES SQUARE...
what a shame @.@


it's was kinda fun haning out with old friend !! :D
i love it !!

here is a short video when we AlfreDICK and GreG tryinG SHISHA !!! ^.^

we are having one "competition" there....
haha !! so ...who's the winner ???
anyone ???!!! :D


pig said...

greg pro o.. lol
tat not syok d..
i prefer marlboro/dunhill lo..
din smoke 4 ages tho.. ^^V

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

shit la!!
syok lar !!
hehe ...when youdo it with your friend :)
haha ..too bad u r not here ..wahaha !! :D

pig said...

i tried tat be4 lo..
still i think cigarette is better.. lol
will hv chance d..
summer i go there find u.. :P

YihShin said...

don't trust girls? wtf? lousy jeans =P

janetgan said...

haha.. where's the place? what's d flavour?

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..wth ...
hehe a nice jeans !!
haha's cutting is so comfortable for me !! :D
haha ...
yea !! "dun trust girlS" !
that means only can trust one GIRL :) ?? how ??

hehe was somewhere else near bukit bintang there ...a few blocks..
a few blocks away from pavillion :)

we tried grape and strawberry :D ..haha...but ended up that we only tasted the grape taste because strawberry taste is not strong... T.T