Monday, January 26, 2009

~HAppY ChinesE Moo Moo YEAR~~

it was Chinese New Year EVE !!!
First of all !!!
YunG + 2 Giant COW~~MooomOOoo~~

Before we go to 普照寺...
here's my "lauk" for reunion dinner :P
my daddy cook one !!!
it's the most delicious food i had every once a year !! ~~
even thought it wasn't considered as 山珍海味 ...
but i just like the taste like home!!!
i miss it more when i'm at university far away from home...
that's my daddy's 全心全意 cook 的 dishes :D


Thank you DADDY !!!
for wake up so early in the morning to buy the ingredients...
then being busy for the whole afternoon preparing and cooking for us..
i LOVE you !! DADDY !!!for everythinG you done !!
(i never tell him like this from my own mouth...Chinese mah... sure got bit shy shy one lar ~~)

After having dinner and accompany family....
2300...i leave my house and decided to go 普照寺...a temple at my town...
to see something and take some photo :D
here it goes !!!

this is a place which TAWAUians do their prayer and wishes and it was so crowded
almost all TAWAUians buddish people where here
so i met quite a lots of friend
some are not buddish
but just go there to KEPO
that's ME!!! :D

we came by this
and i say i never saw this
this is the new statue built without my notice :D said YunG

that's means i had left my hometown for quite some time :D
i used to jog here last time :D

FOLLOWING will be the most 壮观 scenes which i like to see every year...
like everyone there burn a huge stick....
find a hole...
put it in...
and make it standing straight...

in chinese...these stick are called “香”(siang)
these cost RM300 per stick
you burn it and make wishes
it may bring you good luck and prosperity

see... how 壮观 is it...
everyone is so busy...
taking photo, burning, lifting, KEPO+ing

you can feel the heat, smell you own sweat and gasoline...
there was so crowded...

here's Alfred with his stick
he burn a stick with his family every year...
ChuaVuiSenG also got burn but tonight he didn't go with his family...
he say he was so lazy to shower again :P

we also take our chance to take a group photo :D
our biG Group had become only 5 people this year... T.T
i wonder next many will left :'(

for sure lar~~~
so nice backGround
never forget to camwhore :P

when wanna go back
see this
will make you crazy !!!
SO FREAKING JAM!!!!!!@#@#%$#$%


since when MALAYSIA can have fireworks everywhere??
tonight those firecrackers damn noisy lar !!
i can't even have my meal and watch my tv plus do my chit-chat with my family properly with those disturbing noise!!!
stupid one !!!

this means two creature having human body but each of them have a cow head and a horse face
they come from hell
Chinese believes that they will come to fetch your soul when you are dead
scary ler~~!!!


feierh said...

hahaha...cant stop laughing reading your blog..
happy chinese new year^^

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

y laugh ???
hahaha !! :P

cindy said...

hey hey
happy chinese new year!!!!
very happy hor....
then dun go back semenyih ler...
or ask ur dad follow u go semenyih....
anyway rmb to bring my ang pau for me ya.

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

i wanna go sing k !!!
wahaha !!
so i sure go back semenyih one lar~~~ xD