Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd Day of CNY~~年初二~~

2nd Day of CNY !!!
haha !! same thinG GoinG on aGain...
but different venue :D

the crowd still almost the same :P

first GROUP picture at ChuaVS house :P
crowded ler ~~

TAWAUians really punctual :P
we all are GoinG on with a formula (n+1)

asked to go at 1030...

1130 then all the people just started cominG...

so we are so punctual xD

WOW !!! today havinG more BEER aGain !!!

2nd Group picture with more people at Alfred house :P
more crowded ler ~~
At niGht..
we go "bai nian" at TanBeeHua's house..

GreG, Alfred and ChuaVS all of us decided to wear the same clothes !!!

wahahhaha !!!

Alfred bouGht it for us !!!

ThankYou Alfred !!!

LOVE it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much xD

three of use with our "GIFTED" t-shirt !!!
act serious!!!
so serious !!!uinah ~~~
1,2,3... then~~

act CUTE~~
cute ler!! kawaii !!muacks !! :P

anyway !!! THANK YOU ALFRED!!!
for the T-SHIRT !!!
wahaha !! really like it so much !!! xP
especially when 3 of use havinG the same one !!! :P

YihShin and GreG with "GIFTED" T-shirt

YihShin..i know you like my T-shirt...
but you are a Girl...
cannot have the GIFT of all Guys....
and cannot be "GIFTED" just like us...
so sorry that i cannot Give you the T-shirt T.T
wahkaka !! only Guy like us can own this T-shirt !!
cause it's TELLING the truth XP


today don't know y lar !!!
my maths comes out with problems....
my "purple paper" and "red paper" all gone already T.T
hope can be Good luck tomorrow :P

Another little tales during CNY!!!

analyse from left to right...


The MORAL value of this story is :
"Drinking too much,wearing white at night and cross the road make Micheal kena 'BANG' by KEMBARA!!!"


sinGinG K and "yun sheng" at TanBeeHua house!!
hurray !!!
sorry for the noise and horrible screaming ar~~~

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