Saturday, January 31, 2009

5th day of CNY~~年初五~~

Aiyo...年初五 already....
friends will be leaving again soon ~~~ T.T
AiJinn, JasonChin, FenG, HunGGor, TseWei less lar...T.T

At AiJinn house...
we play a card Game called 99point...
i lose kena punished !!!
Stupid 五连拍 with a "food tudunG"!!??? wth?~!
shit la !! thay all "pakat" one :P

luks like assasine o not?? wahaha !!

then we Go JasonChin house..our ex-tuition teacher..
we felt like we are so old oledi T.T
cause we are the oldest one at there.... T.T

Group of us last year...2008

Group of us this year....2009

see what i meant ????
so less people this year lar ~~

Then at FenG house....
not punishment..
just for fun only when i found an eye-liner at PTY bag...
then i ask what izzit ??
YunG offered her service T.T
not "that kinda service"..don't think too much...
just some make-up service...

did my eye luks bigger ???
i didn't act cute ar!!!
just that is the angle problem :P

then..still got some "leftover" even after i showered T.T

At Night !!!
someone Got NEW HOUSE!!!!
we hanG out until 2am !!!
we sinG K there !!
so many mirror in her house !!! :P

since so many mirror sure camwhore lar !!! wahaha !!!

the ugliest angle to take someone else picture !
I forGet who took this picture lar ~~~
and that's definetly NOT GREGORY!!!

What time izzit now ??
it's time to bully MELODY!!~~
haha..i spin like so fast and so many round...
but she still can walk still ar ...
hrmm...MELODY really very GenG!!!~~ :P
the backGround sinGinG sound is MichelleLim :P


yihshin said...

omg... why am i caught eating in everyone's pic T_T

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

because you "tan chi"!!!! wahahaha!!!
and eating all the time :P

pig said...

u look so gay with tat eye-liner..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

wth =.="