Saturday, January 10, 2009

GreG is a HardworkinG boy ~~

i'm a hardworkinG boy ~~ weeee~~
i can prove it !!!
you can judGe me finished reading this bloG... :P

i felt like can't study at my own room...
since JOSEPH called me and asked me wanna Go YUS for supper o not...
then i made up my mind to study with them...

after finnished 5 satay kambinG, 1 satay ayam, 1 roti canai and 1 milo ice...(now i realized that's the reason why i GettinG fatter and fatter!!! *shy*)
we Go to CINDY's room....

her room had become a so called STUDY ROOM.. XD
i was kinda suprised of how she transformed her room into...

ok !!! study time!!!!
study study study !!!
i'm very hardworkinG de!!!
when study till sienz liao ..what should i do ??

i found a camera in CINDY's room...sure start to SS la !!!wow!!!

well...this is me !!!looks so "cham" not charm...
this is due to exam lar !! stupid exam !!

pimples started to pop out !

eye baG!

panda eye !

and didn't shave!!!

ok..luks better rit? taking with flash !! =.=

wow !!this one is the best !! after adjustinG some contrast and briGhtness !! :D

here comes the most important evidence showinG that i'm hardworkinG

.... may i proudly presents you !!!


i can take their pic !! yeah !!! it's 5am in the morninG...
i' studyinG..and bloGGinG....i'm so hardworkinG!!
this showed that i'm so hardworkinG and still studyinG because they are sleepinG !

the MORAL VALUE of this story is :
"don't be lazy and sleepinG when people is harworkinG studyinG there, be a hardworkinG boy like GreG"

end of story !!!


lialia said...

wasaii..still got "face" to praise urself? thick face daoo..hahaha:P yaya..u r so "HARDWORKING" man~~lolz

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha see many pic of my face....
you say i got face o not ler ?wahaha !!~~

Muzzy said...

Eleh..hardworking in wut? SS? or blogging?


~GreaT GlorY~ said...

as in...
SSing Blogging, and most important STUDY!!!!