Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What A TirinG day.. @.@

Finally, AlfreDICK Go home oledi T.T
borinG lar ~~ !!
but nvm ..i will also back to my home sweet home a few days later :D

I sent Alfred to airport...
haha..this is the 1st time i drive there by myself :D
so nervous..haha...i scared that i'll lost ...
so does Alfred..
so we decided to Go there earlier...
his flight is at 1455..
but we leave at 1100..
haha...we reached there so early ..about 1145 only :D
wahsheh !!
the airport damn crowd lar ~~
so freakinG lots of ppl !! :P

After he checked in ...
i drive home all by myself T^T
damn scary lar !~~
i lost for a while ..
but !! haha !! luckily i still get my way back !!
even thouGht it was the lonGer way !!
but ...i'm still home !! wahaha !!
thanks GOD~~

it was an awesome day !!!
sky is blue....
sun is briGht...
but the sport complex is so empty...
and i'm borinG...
so i brinG alonG my NEW GoGGles and go for swimminG !! yeah ~~
wow !!it was so nice when the pool have no people :D
haha ...i was thinkinG of swimminG naked at first ...
but i was Glad i didn't do that :D
haha ..because after a while...
there are a Group of people come around the pool with camera for a visit :D
i think that day is our UNI open day :D
haha !!
oh God..i couldn't wonder what would happen if i was swimminG naked :P
pool+me+new GooGles

haha..shit one lar !!!
NAICIN CINDY all you Guys go home straiGht after exam !!!
kns !! it shud be our sinG K time bah !! ~~
like every time we did after exam !!! T.T


cindy said...

u ar....
damn gerli one la...
wanna swim naked...=.=
anyway v cant WHOLE GANG go sing k also... stay back also meaningless la...
haihz... but i already sing wit u ma :>

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ...but not syok la ....
so less people !!! :D
haha ..swim naked very syok de duh !! waahahahhhaha !! :P

pig said...

aiya.. u should go 4 it la..
like tat u meh on d 1st page or top news on opening day lo.. lol
take ur chance 2 become famous ba.. XD

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

aduh....need to be famous like that mer :D

pig said...

ok oso ba.. lol
oso famous ma..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ...
theni'll be in like what???"playgirl"??
wahkakakkaka !!!
if can earn money i dun mind duh !! :D

pig said...

u'll b exclusive in "playpig"..
earn lots of money tho..