Friday, January 30, 2009

4th day of CNY~~年初四~~

Since yesterday i have been sleepinG for so FULL~~~
today....proudly announce....
GreG is ENERGETIC !!!!
i am FULL of enerGY !!! yeah ~~~

anyhow ~~
today ~~ we have alots of "findinGs" ~~ :P
Firstly is about KFC...
Secondly is about the mandarine oranGe
prove it to you Guys in with picture evidence :D

it should be Kentucky Fried Chicken mah !!
since when become Kitchen Fresh Chicken already one ar ???
or it is Kitchen Fresh Chicken all the way from the beGinninG just that we don't know ???
anyone have any idea ???

Mandarin oranGe
it grows on this kinda of small small tree :P

our Group of people....
so less people already ...last time we have at least 20 people one ler !! ~~
so miss the old day !! :P

we go to kinda a lots of houses "bai nian"
PTY, GreG, Jiun&Keet, YunG, YihShin...
still...i'm very "hok" or unlucky..
kept on losinG even i'm wearinG both read shirts and red under or "honG tai fu" T.T

nice nice firework ... :)

at niGht...
we Go MILK house....
havinG BBQ, "exchanGinG" joke, watch MIB, and playinG fire works :P
wow ~~~havinG a lots of lauGhter today~~~ >.<


this fireworks is pretty beautiful...
and pretty expensive....
burns about 50 second then cost like RM120
wow @.@

wahsheh !!!
felt kinda weird la ...
because these few days...
i Got home so early....
early as in earlier than my younGer sister and brother :P
usually is them waitinG at home for me one mah !!!
not like this one meh ~~~ #.#

a little tales durinG CNY...

what can you learn from both the picture ???

the moral value of this story is :
"don't cover people face when takinG photo , or else will fiGht one ar :P"
btw..the two little Girl are so cute..
yea..the 2 shortest one..not that 2 aunty behind :D

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