Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ALFRED is finally back to MALAYSIA!! :D

G.U.E.S.S who is B.A.C.K.!!!
Yea !! it's Mr.ALFRED TAY HONG TAT !!!
This dude finally back from AUSTRALIA to MALAYSIA!!
actually .. :D
when he tell me that he is in AUSTRALIA...
i don't believe !! wahaha !! dunno why !! :P
hey dude !! u know what !!
shit lar ! i was thinking to play only since you got here !!!
oh god !! my last paper ar !!!


opps... sorry ALFREDICK...
haha...i failed to capture a "leng cai" photo as you requested just now during dinner :D


pig said...

wa.. like tat wa..
laz time i b oso no photo no blog no post.. apa pun tak ada..
boooooooo.. berat sebelah<- if i'm not wrong.. lol long time din use malay edi..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha...mana ada..
last time gwa tak ada blog sebegini..
jadi..tak ada post kamu lar ..
haha,,maaf la ...
lain kali baru lah post photo kamu!!
haha..tetapi mesti yang jelik jelik..

pig said...

ok.. dun need le.. lol

feierh said...

why alf's face looks abit dark?
greg you should take a better pic lar..hahaha
alf plz don kill me for the comment!
as what you said..*no offence*

- Alfred - said...

hahaha... yea yea, it's true that i m bit darker now... oways been to beach n island in perth, it's juz way too nice!!! love it!!! our gang in perth is "son of the BEACH"... hahaha... =)

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ,,"yang guan nan hai" !! wahaha !