Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life at TAWAU~~

Since i'll be very "cheong hei" everytime...
let's the pic do the talking

let me introduce you to out most famous food !!!
this is SHANG NYUK MIAN !!“生肉面”
sorry ar ...kinda messy...
cause too excited...
so i forget to take pic before eat .. :D

short short cute cute but actually very fierce one MELISA is BACK!
i capture this picture before she manage to stop me :D
and BRUCE YUNG is behind !!! heeeeyyaaahhh!!! ~~

guess how many person there that day !! hehe ...
will tell you the answer later :D

i love this so so so much lar !!!
but almost all of my fren dun wan !!
so they gave it all to me !!
i ate like 3 bowl???
about 12 pieces ???
it was so tasty lar !!!
i wonder why they dun like ler ???aiks...
“ng sek dat yan xiong...shai sai...” T.T

"Wanna go yim cha ??"
"WHY NOT !!!??"
"oh wanna go WHY NOT izzit ???"
"ok lah~~let's go WHY NOT !!"

yea !!
this is a cafe named WHY NOT CAFE...
we go there straight after we ate "shang nyuk mian"
we play card and chit-chat there..
kinda comfortable inside...
sofa+air conditioned
however we leave there quite soon too because it was like getting more and more people
and all smoking...all my "guai guai cai" friend cannot tahan :D
our clothes smell like "clubbing" after all >.<
(at MALAYSIA, we are allowed to smoke in the club :D)

at night ar ...
except yam cha...
what else can do ???
Go CLUBBING lar !!!
the club i went that night is named "ZENZI"

i met MELODY !!!
haha !! i never saw her clubbing before during high school =.='''
then...i also met quite a lots of old friends...
all coming back for CHINESE NEW YEAR ~~
all of all....
may be because of the atmosphere...
or i used with KL club oledi...(because they have dance floor ???)
i felt boring and not enjoying myself at that club...
so i left quite early also... T.T

the most important things is !!!
i go back so early!!!
i still vomit!!!
and shit !!!
i'm SICK @.@
what the heck !!!
sick again at CHINESE NEW YEAR like last year ???~~~
luckily not as serious as last year ! :D


during breakfast...
we discuss about what CHUA VUI SENG said before he leave us and so somewhere
CVS :"我去载妹妹"
this is what i heard...perhaps we heard...
but then...he leaves us for too long...
so we not sure about what we heard already :P
wheather he say 载妹妹or在MAYBANK
as a conclusion, we concluded he said :"在MAYBANK载妹妹" =.='''

ans:GreG ChuaVuiSeng Alfred Micheal ChongYihShin LeongHoweKyun ChongCheongYung HungWenLih Melissa!!
haha...9 person!!!
sure cannot get the right answer ler !! because Melissa didn't eat :D wahaha !!!


Yih Shin said...

big fish... small fish... yes, we are guai guai cai ! :D

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

GreGory... alfred...hunG YunG...
yes !!!