Sunday, January 18, 2009

AnothEr kinda "sTupiD" tRiP :)

Oh MY GOD !!!
today we late again !!! :D
because of the alcohol...
ALFRED and me didn't manaGe to wake up and meet CHUA.VUI.SENG...
GGrrrrrr... !! so...we late again ! aiks ... @.@ what the heck... T.T
today..we are going to meet up wit a special person that we had never meet for so long time ago... ALEX!!!

so this is ALEX :)

let's Guess where are we going to meet each other :D
let me camwhore 1st *shy*

if you get it correctly !!
it means that you are a Genius !!! yeah !!!
Genius !! Scream out name of the place loudly !!
here is the location we meet up at... XD

KLCC !!!
And then the next place we go...

it's kinda funny today because we spend like about 3 hours eatinG and chi-chattinG at Nando's then we went into a sport equipment shop and spend like 1 hour something doing like nothing :D
haha ...then we all kept taking photo in front of KLCC...and the whole afternoon just went by like this :D
we do took quite a numbers of pic :D

GReG AleX AlfreD ChuaVuiSenG

haha ...sure !! we having some nice food !!! wahaha !!
this is what we eat :D wahaha !!
shit ! I'm damn hungry at this moment as I'm writing this blog X.X

1/4 chicken and 2 sides+ free "jelly"+ ice lemon tea

DINNER wasn't empty :P
i have to tell you that we are too hungry and forget to take a nice picture of the food
it was...

so..this is what i bought today :D
a wallet, a belt , a goggles and a hopping rope :P

this is my old wallet...
it's my birthday present by my classmates during high school...
i have been using it for about 5 years... T.T...
thank you wallet !!! bye bye ~~ love you !!
thanks guys for the birthday present again for 5 years ago T^T

all of us taking turns to pose like what she did in the movie T^T
pity CHUAVS was forced by us to do so even he doesn't wanted to :D
wahaha !! I'm seriously have no idea why this idea popped up and we are are so willing to pose it !! #.#


oh gosh !!!
at the end of the day ....
GreG, AlfreD , ChuaVS was being headache of where are we going to go tomorrow T.T
AlfreD !! why you don't stay longer !!!???
so that we can waste some time, lepak lepak, play some games...
instead of being like these days....
totally exhausted everyday !!! :D
haha ..though it was tiring !!
but it's so freaking fun hanging out with you guys ! :D
so....regarding to the picture of the days....
Who's the winner of this "imitation game" ?


Alex Chin said...

haha...walao..put me tat "innocent" pic ...haha...i love tat pic ...内衣少女
haha..funny dude ^^

YihShin said...

and why are u buying a hopping rope?? imagine you're hopping and the ground is shaking... OMG!!!!

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ....aiyo !! shit la !!
i wanna build up a bit mar ...
haha ....damn lan fat already now lor !!!
haha ...the new shirt i bought doesn't really fits already... :'(
so sad...

Jiun Pui said...

then hope u reli will use the hopping rope evryday woh..XD
later hangat-hangat tahi ayam..XD

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

hahaha gambatte gambatte!!!!

so stupid la u =p
so gay de pose =p
aiyakk de zui so many ppl la me.. hahahah xD

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha... i think i'll use it everyday!!!! :P
but i think i will only start after CNY T.T

u die lor this time !!
haha..but luckily only got 3 ppl will go back to tawau!!! ler....
haha..less one ppl ... u won't die so teruk :P

- Alfred - said...

puiyee, n hor, got 1 ppl will go back miri soon... hahhaa.. =)