Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ThiS is Kinda G.A.Y. #.#

AH..kinda headache...
yesterday we think until our head busted...
still, we can't made up our mind where to Go....haha...
firstly, we plan to Go GENTING :)
haha ...just for Gamble and Go home at night ..
hehe ..but then too mafan then we decided not to do that..

here it's our route today :D
aiks ..
2 of us aGain...GreG and Alfred...it's kinda G.A.Y(defination: GreG, Alfred..??Yiiiiyerrr)

we Go BALAKONG GREEN-BOX sinG K at 1000 to 1300
haha...we almost late because i slept like a piG
even Alfred called me twice i also didn't manaGe to pick up the phone :D
CINDY also join us!! hah !!
so Give face :D|
even she GoinG to have exam at 20 Jan 2008

Then, we sent cindy back and Go MIDVALLEY !! :D
haha ... ALFRED is lookinG for a baG for IVY,his sister !! :D
haha ...we find like ever where but that particular baG was sold out !! kns !
so we didn't Get anythinG at MV !!!
haha ...but we saw somethinG interestinG there !! wahaha !!
the 24 season drums !!! wow !! impressed !!!

side view of that 24 drums

then, at one shop, i saw K-SWISS shoes !!!
here got K-SWISS

you no need to buy throuGh AMAZON

this is what we eat at MV
蚵仔面线 +醸料 +油炸鬼 +豆浆 +
we actually wanted to order 5醸料 only
but then we ordered 10醸料
because we thouGht it would not be enouGh
at the end we reGreted because we couldn't finish the food T.T
wasted @.@

after food
since we didn't buy anythinG..
we decided to Go home !!
i'm totally stunned when i saw this view at KTM
mcb !!!
so freakinG lots of ppl !!!
why they don't increase the frequent of the train at weekend ???
SHIT!! we became tinned sardine T.T

Guess what now ??!!
who's dunkinG there !! wahaha !!
he's GREG!!
if i can dunk !! everyone can dunk !!
Exercise time with ChuaVS, AlfreD, Kenneth !!!
i met some of my class mates... :D
TKY, Jimmy, CCJ, ChunFai, AhYapp

3 serious TAWAU people !!
don't play play !!
watch out !!
we can crush you !!
GRRRRrrrr >.<

i reached home and somewhat have the mood to do some weight liftinG
hey guys !!
i used my NEW hopping rope !!
after today, i felt like i lose about 5kG !! haha !!
so healthy!! :D
but at the end, Alfred asked me to go YUS for food .. T.T
i ate kinda a lots and what i did today is totally wasted T^T

wow !! it was so tired and i sleep soundly at the end of the days...


ChonGYihShin !!!
haha !!! tell you hor !!!
Good news !! the floor doesn't crack when i jump ler !!! :D

24 Season Drums !!! totally impressed...
oops, sorry...can''t rec the whole performance ..
So tired la..
to keep you hand at the same position for a lonG time!!!

espically someone who have an abnormal fat arm like me :P
i like the way they perform the show !! it was so neat
it would be perfect if the drummer are all more built-up :P
and all half naked if all of them are Guys lar !!! :D


- Alfred - said...

笨的你, wat GAY oh.... gaolin lar u... ahhaaha...

yihshin, it's true that the floor din crack, juz that all the neighbours are now homeless as all their houses were collapsed!!! hehehe.. =)

cindy said...

greg a... ur recording skill damn pooor.... lolx.
can c clearly aslo=.=
or mayb u should change phone!!! hahahah....

cindy said...

i mean cant c clearly.... =.= typing error

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

Wth...got that Kua zhang mer...haha...shud say the whole Uni area collapsed ma...then dunno how many die...and how many injured:)haha...cindy...study la...exam ar...still got time to kepo here...haha...later fail dun blame me ooh...我是不负责任的臭男人喔...haha...good luck... :d

- Alfred - said...

cindy, definitely not phone problem, it's all depends on the user... hahha... n hor, good luck in ur exam... =)

greg, meet u up in tawau then....
cindy, got fate juz meet again lar...

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..alfred ...

pig said...

gay gay gay.. wooooohoooooo
dun wan go out wif u guys lu..
scare my pet pet not safe o..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ....no worry ... no worry ...
haha ... we won't 硬硬来de...
we你情我愿 de !!! Xp

pig said...

ele.. who wan 2 你情我愿 wif u o..
tat's gross.. ew..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ...mana tahu ....
who knows ...

pig said...

dun day dreaming la..
gay lao..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ...where got !!!
this is fact !!
wahaha !!!

pig said...

fact ur head la..
ur lousy fact la..
si gay lao.. lol