Saturday, February 7, 2009

12th day of CNY~~年初十二~~

oh my God ~~
sorry aGain AlfreD :P
i FFK aGain :P
overslept bah~~
so..missed the sports day at SMSC...T.T
and also "kolomee+porkchop"...

my life starts at about eveninG.. :P
Guess what aGain???
do maths lar ~~
open facebook see PTY "orGanized" a LAMI event ~~ :P
wahkaka ~~ sure join lar ~~
and this will be my last day last time doing MATHS... T.T

Beer + Lami

then, SUPPER ~~
actually we GoinG to eat "Gai si fut" (鸡屁股) at 0130..
but dunno who lar !!!~~
dunno which 烂赌鬼...
take the excuses wanna finish "娱乐百分百"...
so MATHS session ended at only 0200...
and then hor~~
Go to "Gai si fut" and found out it JUST just closed T.T
no more "Gai si fut"... T.T
stupid烂赌鬼 :P
what can do ???
still need to eat mar ~~
so ended up at "siang siang pan mian"...
eat 醸料... :P


pig said...

gamble gamble gamble..
ofcoz eat 1st la.. bodoh..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

nvm...go back at jun makan again~~~ :P

pig said...

good.. i'll bring u eat all d good food in twu.. then i'll go semporna, sandakan, kk, kl, s'pore 2 eat as well.. hopefully.. :P

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

don't la ~~~
i almost 100kg oledi ~~ :P
haha ..i dun wan become 200 ~~ :P

pig said...

steady.. i wan 2 keep myself 70-75kg oso d..
we'll do exercise d ma.. go "jim" la.. go jogging la.. this la tat la.. no worry.. will make u 199kg onli d.. i promise.. :P