Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eat and Earn ~!!!

that's why i can Get fat~~
because of Steven's TeaGarden~~
(this is not any DCHL or DIRECT SALES~!!!no product involved~~!)

My hometown primary school friend~~
now my uni senior course mate~~
Mr. Brian Shim~~
asked me to Go makan lunch~~
at one random morninG~
i still sleepinG T.T
shit ner ~
but it worth~
After enjoyinG nice food~
at Steven's TeaGarden~

he introduced to me about EAT & EARN~

Just Get a RM 300 CLASSIC member card~~
and it has no expired date ~~
you can finish it at anytime~~
at any STEVEN's TeaGarden outlet~ :P
they still discussinG to combine with Touch n Go'!!!

see~~my MEMBER card~~
on the riGht side~~
i have THREE~~

you can also ask you friend to Join~~
and get an extra RM 100~~~
once they become a CLASSIC member!!
if they joined as a PLATINUM member~~
extra RM 1000 is into your pocket~~!!
it's just this easy~~!!

to know about STEVEN's TeaGarden ~click here~
or feel free to callGreG at 012 863 2512
if you are at Semenyih~
i can treat you makan~
if you are not ~
call me at WEEKEND lar~~ :P


i wanna earn money ~~~!!
how about you Guys ~~ ???


pig said...

greg.. i onli wan u 2 spend me makan.. XD

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ u come back mar can lor ~~ wahkaka ~~

Alex Chin said...

dude,tis member card is not worthy la...haha...
if u r every week goto makan there then is okie...but if u r not ...then is wasted..haha..
but if u go often, u will easily become fat la, diabetes la, cholesterol high la,..blah blah blah...haha...try to frightening u ;p

~G~ said...

haha ~~
no ~~ it's worth ~~
u see ~~ you got the card ~~ then you can ask fren go~~ your treat ~~btw you can promote to him/her lor ~~

if they like ~~they can join mar ~~

if they dun wanna join ~~ still can always treat them mar ~~ so next time they will treat you back mar~~ ~~ :P

and it's now available at TESCO SEMENYIH ~~~ it's near ~~ !! :P

but the last thing u mentioned is true ~~ haha ~~ i'l lhave all the sickness ~~ :Pwahaha :P