Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9th day of CNY~~年初九~~

sorry lar~~ ALFRED !!!
i can't wake up ~~!! :P
we actually planned to go SMSC our hiGh school to walk walk one :P
but then i too hardworkinG doinG maths until late niGht...
then can't wake up T.T
i wanna eat "kolo mee+pork chop"....

then my life started only in the afternoon...
RAINNING!!!damn heavy ~~~
so i Go basketball stadium to play what ??
damn tired @.@

At night...
go VEDABLU to "yum cha"
cause PhiN is back T.T
unfortunately...he FFK...didn't appear...

this cappucino ferro damn not tasty...
cost me RM6.90 T.T

ahha ~~~
we go MELODY house after "yumcha"...
do maths aGain...
this proved us damn like to do MATHS !!!~~~
then suddenly....
BLACKOUT war ~~~
damn beh shonG lor ~~ !!!
due to our PASSION with maths...
we still continued ~~!!! :P

how "heat blood" we are !!!
like this also can continue :P

thanks to little torch liGht and cellular phone :P

and also this emerGency liGht :P


kns ~~~
i lose until wallet empty again :P


pig said...

*bow* 2 whoever on tat table..
*bow* 2 d passion of u guys/gals..
*bow* 2 whoever invent lami..
*bow* 2 electricity company..
where is vadablu btw??

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ....
stupid one lar !! SABAH elctricity !!!
don't bow to them ~~!!!

vedablu is a NEW coffee house near nostalgia ...
nostalgia is a new yumcha place opposite SMSC...
SMSC is our high school :P

pig said...

i know tat "old street" la..
i'm not tat out date la.. aish..
tat *bow* 2 sabah electricity is a sarcasm la.. no fuking way i'll bow 2 them.. nvr ever..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha !!!
wahkaka !!!
uisheh !!!
u know nostalgia duh !! not bad not bad :P

pig said...

plz la.. i've been there be4 la..
tat place not suit me pun.. 2 expansive 4 me.. haiz
i prefer rm1.80 cold drinks.. haha
teh c peng, milo nai peng, nescafe nai peng, lemon teh peng, horlicks nai peng, nestum nai peng, cola, pepsi, shandy, 100plus n CHINESE TEA..... peng!! XD
wa.. so thirsty now..
btw.. wut is d name of d 3rd song o?? tat gal's voice so special.. nice..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..same same !!!
mamak stall...
da pai dang ~~@!!! :P
i don;t know oh ... T.T got listen the song one ar ~~ wahkaka ~~
i always pause it one ~~ !! :P

pig said...

lol.. coz i like jordan's song oso ma..
then tat gal's voice caught my attention..
if u oweyz pause it y dun u juz get rid of it??

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..dun wan !!! ~~
cause sometime i also got listen ~~ :P

pig said...

za dao.. u veli mafan d la..
next time bak rlei need 2 cut ur "brother".. make u a real gay.. XD