Monday, February 16, 2009


When i was browsinG FACEBOOK~~
i got into KEN's Gf, SlyviaChia picture..
i accidently saw at her comment side ~~
so i "na na shanG" Go to that website...
wow ~~
then..the followinG is what i did throuGh out the day~~

Marilyn Monroe : PeiHui, Alfred, Ken

which one is the sexiest???

ken is the sexiest~~his 脸部表情实在够力:P

Good Luck Chunk: Pat, HoweSionG(piG), Amos, Cindy

who is enjoyinG the most???

i think is HoweSiong because he damn GAY~~

Bride: Pat, Ken, Edy

who will divorce 1st ???

must not be PAT because she gonna marry me ~~~ :P

Aqua : NaiCin, Milton, Joseph, GreG

who makes you stand up ???

sure GreG lar ~~~he so SEXY ~~~

Meanwhile..i was chattinG with Edy usinG skype...
he Gimme the idea of DoinG all of these and place it in FACEBOOK~~!!
so..there are more in my facebook ~~~
just go to here...for more...

PERSONALLY ~~~ i love this ~~~

ChuaVuiSenG in pink~
PINK LollyPop Bunny LOveloveman ~~
with two cute doGGy sidekick ~~:P
kawaii ner~~


i better have 心理准备for tomorrow~~ #.#
if i didn't bloG after alonG time after this...
please assumed that i'm dead... T.T
daddy mummy~~ i LOVE YOU~~


- Alfred - said...

lolz... speechless -.-"

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

wahkaka ~~~ :P
got alots of you in facebook ~~ :P

feierh said...

so funny when i saw those pics on yr facebookXD
hope you'll be alright tmr :p

pig said...

i promise u i'll execute u wif my own hands in july.. no worries.. XD

~GreaT GlorY~ said...


pig said...

oso ur tongue so u cant do tat again.. :P

~G~ said...


chubikia said...

*Thumbs up* Greg!

*Relieved that I wasn't one of them* :P

*bee* said...

not feeling well now.... hahahaha!!

pig said...

wa.. more n more ppl come in flirt liao.. XD
bee.. miz u.. when will u cook 4 me again?? T.T

~G~ said...

haha ~~ kenneth ~~ forgotten ner ~~ :P
haha ~~ see you in facebook ~ :P