Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hula-Hula NiGht~~

let's Hula-Hula toniGht~~
Hula-hula means DANCE in Hawaii's lanGuaGe :P

so..toniGht is the Hula-Hula niGht orGanized by Dance Club~~
we having a lot's of fun ~~ :P
and i Get a free coconut too ~~ xD

staGe decorated by GreG+free coconut
i know i know ~~ the decoration quite uGly~~
because not enouGh material and time and no planninG bah~~
sorry lar~ T.T

let's forGet about the stupid staGe :P
talk about the fun we havinG~~

well...Dance Club performed 2 dance, we played 3 Games, and splashinG water to each other xD
that's all ~~ :P

the fun part is the last Game which we "dress up" our teammate:P

Hawaii Hula Queen..
we still happy althouGht we didn't win :P
cause "dressinG up" people is so fun ~~ :P

contestant from eiGht team :P

and splashinG water to each other :P

Saviour GreG :D
nice ler ~~taken by JenBP xP

Well..after everythinG..sure must clean up lar ~~

see...while havinG fun~~this is the mess we make~~ T.T

here comes the CleaninG witch and Garbage Angle~~
and the CleaninG Three~~
huh~! it's really very tired to clean up those mess ~~ :P


HA-CHIU~~~all wet~~ so cold lar ~~sure sick one ~~ T.T


pig said...

wa.. i oso wanna join o.. ><

~G~ said...

study at nottingham lar ~~ :P

pig said...

-.-''' i wish i could..
u fail every yr n wait me la.. :P

~G~ said...


pig said...

urself :P

~G~ said...

my fren piG >.<

pig said...


~G~ said...

means..fuck~! urself, my fren PiG :P

jen said...

god... m i a cleaning witch?

~G~ said...

haha ~ GOD not here ~~ but GOD messenger GREG the Garbage anGle can tell you ~~

yes ~~ aaabbbrrraaacccaaadddaaabbbrrraaa~~
u say the maGic spell then everythinG clean oledi ~ u no 身材的 cleaninG withc T :P