Sunday, February 8, 2009

13th Day of CNY 2009~~年初十三~~

yea yea ...~~
it's 13th day of CNY and also the day i Go back to UNIM.. T.T
which located at a so-called JUNGLE Semenyih T^T
so i must eat everythinG i could that day ~~
morninG..breakfast with daddy and mummy...
i really missed this so so so much ...香底米粉...

i ate this since younG

in the afternoon...i go eat 包仔...i meet with my primary school friend, DarKianG...
and also an old Friend...Karis...
so happy...
but unfortunetly...
no more 大包仔 i ordered 猪肉包...
then Alfred. Melo, and GreG Go other place to have eGG-tart :P

肥婆+蛋挞+包仔+teh c penG

then my daddy suddenly called...

tell me that my fliGht is at 1850...
i thouGht he is wronG cause i remember i'm on the last fliGht...
which is 2130...

so i continue have my time hi-tea+inG with them :p
ah~~met AMOS's mummy there.. :P
which at 1st i thought is HunGGor mum.. :p
so paisheh ~~ *shy*

then here's come my daddy 夺命连环call...
he tell me that he checked on the internet ~~
yet~~i still don't believe...
but i still have to Go home :P
so we all Go home...
i'm so sure that i'm correct that i even tell AlFred:"let's go FUJI yum cha again later...if i'm correct :P

while my daddy "Gan jeonG +inG" there...this is what i have been doing...
"snow man made of the pau skin"
i'm a bad kid T.T
sorry daddy :'(

Reached home...
i checked aGain ~~
FUCK~~~!!!~!#!@$i'm definetly wrong ~~~proven~~
kelam-kabut~~~pack, shower, speedinG, rush~~ @.@
reached airport finally and all my journey to UNIM T.T
i missed TAWAU so much ~~~
FAMILY and FrienDs ~~there... T.T


moral of this story is....
DADDY always riGht, correct and never wronG :P

trust your parents :P


feierh said...

i think you did too much maths and ate too much until so blur..

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

wahh u realy so geng oh! shud thx ur dad! lolz..
but if i got to leave kelam kabut like tat, i sure so sad! cuz heart hvnt be prepared yet, hahaha =D
yoyo gambatte la! hehe

- Alfred - said...

hahaha... agree wif feierh.. that guy ar, eat n so-called maths only in his brain!!!hahaha.. =)

pig said...

u'r not as bad as me la..
i miss my flight le laz time coz my cousins lo.. tell me steady n go breakfaz..
be4 we left tat shop..
i told my fren: "if i miz flight tonite dota again!!"
my fren: "ok.. we'll c u tonite!!"
then when we reach airport..
tat liang moi: "sorry, next flight is 2moro n will cost u RM1XX...."
me: "... (reaching 2 my wallet)"
my cousin: "hahahahahahaha.. tonite can dota again.."
which is quite embarassing..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ~~ daishi ~~~
wahkaka ~~~
bweter filled with maths and food mah ~~
now filled with what u know ??
my results and other dunno what shit things T.T

pig said...

result n wut shit thing??