Friday, February 20, 2009

BroGa Hill~~

I saw SUNRISE today~~ :P
at BroGa hill~~~
Finally~~i conquered broGa Hill~~
wanted to go there since lonG time aGo :P

see~~cute ler the sun rise~~
so i kissed Mr.Sun~~

Early in the morninG...
we assemble at UNIM...
it's 0500~~the sky still dark~~

morninG view of UNIM
only see it if didn't sleep :P

Since too excited and afraid of not wakinG up ~~~
i didn't sleep at all ~~ :P

so tired that moment~~

we Climb climb climb~~
quite fast hor ~~!!
we arrived at the peak already ~~ xD
sure POSE+inG lar ~~
took a lots of picture :P

Pose+inG 1

Pose+inG 2

Pose+inG 3 while waitinG for sunrise

Pose+inG 4 when the sun start climbinG up~~

pose+inG when GoinG down~~ :P

SS+inG 1 with the view ~~ ^.^

SS+inG 2 when goinG down hill~~

ss+inG 3 when restinG

i know i know ~~ GOt many Ss PIC~~ and my face~~
don't felt frustrated boh~~ @.@


never know that broGa hill Got such a nice view there~~
next time Go aGain :P
haha~~can record MV there ~~ Got feel one oh~~ ^.^


- Alfred - said...

that pose in "pose+ing 1" that ok, others jiu ....... =) hahaha

Ceci said...

waaa...look so fun bor~~~~
after this..i bet you sleep for whole day..haha

pig said...

all feels gone after c-ing ur face.. @@'

~G~ said...

shit lar stupid pig ~~~ kns ~~~
wahkaka ~~
ceci~~~ you are riGht~wahkaka~~i sleep until 6 in the evening :P waghkaka ~~~
all ok lar ~~ what the heck ~~stupid one alfred ~~ :P

chubikia said...

Come let's make an MV there!

Suggest a song :P

~G~ said...

Good idea~~ :P
let's Go do one~~ :P
wahkaka~~what sonG come to you mind 1st :P

chubikia said...

Lemme see...

Kuch Kuch Kota Hai! (Indian Song)

We can run around and hide behind the trees and roll down the hill!


~G~ said...

haha~~Good idea~~~
you be the watak utama that roll down the hill~~ :P
let's find one day go aGain ~` :P

chubikia said...

I scared I'll be too fat and then it will look like a comedy instead of a romantic MV.

Ask Vui Seng to roll down topless! Show all his muscles. Then our MV will have a million visits on Youtube!


~G~ said...

haha~~~topless only ar ???? :P
i think if he wear a G-strinG even better lookinG :P