Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day with loved ones ~~~

so it was VALENTINE DAY ~~
and i spend that lovely love-filled day with my dear, MELISSA... :P
what a lovely day~ XOXOxoxo

Lovely Melissa and GreG

at about 1400 We meet up at Garden's RED BOX...


we have our lovely fun time and sinG our love sonGs... :P
then my DEAR suddenly say out somethinG that let me very touched T.T 感动哦~~

GreG: "谁让你痴心绝对啊?"
GreG : ":P"

btw....i never know that my lovely Melissa can sinG so well ~~
(want to listen to her sweet sexy charminG voice ? Go my facebook lar ~~ :P)
after sinGinG..we decided to Go for a movie :P
wahsheh ~~ damn crowded lar ~~

so crowded ner ~~ T.T

Since the queue is to lonG and not worth waitinG...
we Go see pet for a while...
we Go makan ~~ :P

yam grass jelly sago, my drinks

the name of that restraunt is "香港庙街" HONG KONG Miu-Kai restaurant...

clumsy MElissa~~
so kawaii ~` :P

see ~~ that Greedy MELISSA just can't wait to conquer the food ~~


ah~~ at last ~~~
tell you Guys hor ~~~
my loved ones are these fella ~~
in the pic ~~ >.<
kenneth, CVSENG, GReG, FenG, BeeHua, Melissa

We are all SINGLE~~!!!
except kenneth :P

haha ~~ today~~
i fooled my A-LEVEL classmate, WonGNyukShiew too ~~
i tell her i'm in a relationship with Melissa~~
wahkaka ~~ she believed :P
so funny ner ~~~hehe~~
i think she haven't found out yet ~~~
i sure kena curse until very teruk when she knew that i cheated he ~~ :P
ah~~ remember ar ~~
i'm still SINGLE...
and S.A.D. (SinGle.Available.Desparate)
that whole Melissa thinGy story are JUST FOR FUN ~~ xD


pig said...

my lovely sis is there as well..
i miz her so so much..
i reli wanna go bak now.. T.T
so !@#$%^& at here..

- Alfred - said...

sienz... u all went to sing k, wat a day!!! my vday is freaking boring here leh....
n yet, i m still SINGLE too... but not that S.A.D like greg... im juz S.A...... gals, if u r interested, pls contact this number : 016xxx8771... lolz....

pig said...

my valentine is officially over now..
its boring as usual.. lol
i saw 1 interesting post..
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i din edit anything d o.. this ppl geng.. lol

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

so alfred is Stupid.Asshole :P
wahkaka ~~S.A~~

hehe ..that guy really geng ~~ :P
wahkaka ~~

shit latr ~ you guys didn't kena cheat one mer ?
wahkaka ~~ see mr and Melissa together at 1st :P

- Alfred - said...

not at all greg, i know u n melissa IMPOSSIBLE de... u r definitely not melissa's type!!! hahhaa...

that advertisement nice... planning to have one soon too.. hahaha. =)

feierh said...

wow greg i'm so envy of you lar...
i wanna go sing k too@.@
i wanna go midvalley+the gardens too!!
and..i thought mel is in relationship with vuiseng when i saw the sweet pic they took during cny?! :p

pig said...

greg.. go look at d mirror n face d truth la..
u reli think beauty n d beast is real d meh??
its onli a fairy story 4 kids la..
wake up dude..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

cb pig ~~~~
i'm not beast lar ~~~
i'm lenG cai ~~ :P
wahkaka ~~~

feierh ~~~
when will you sing to me ???
i wait until neck long lar ~~~

pig said...

yea.. u'r not beast.. u'r d beauty.. hahahahahahahaha

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha...meantr that melisa is the beast ar :P ~~

pig said...

no.. when u'r d beauty.. alfred is d beast.. hahahahahahaha

~G~ said...

Haha...that's y we doesn't together :)haha..nowadays:p