Friday, February 27, 2009

AdvantaGes of havinG 2 face book account~~

when borinG~~~ =.="
you can do this ~~

chat with youself~~~


Ceci said...

R U crazyyy??????????!!!?!?!?!??!?!
1st time see ppl like tht ner..haha=P

- Alfred - said...

no.. he is not crazy... he is juz STUPID!!! hahahah =)

~G~ said...

haha ~~ i'm STRESSED~~~ T.T
and bored ~ ~and lonely ~~ T.T
and cold ~~~
*shiverinG~tearS droppinG*

.:Tell It To The Skies:. said...

OMG cousin , you are more lame than me :| *noOoOOo*

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

wah~~!! den issit u ned sign out and sign in and sign out and sign in???
yerrr u really..

really so stress huh?

is the time to go tanjung rambutan!!
ahhahah =p

chubikia said...

you are

too free!

~G~ said...

haha ~~~cousin~~lame ler ~~ :P

aiyo puiyee~~~
got i got i.e, firefox, safari,google chrome~~
so need not to sign in and out in ond out ~~

wahkakaka ~~~

so ~~ if next tiem too sienz ~~ i can create 4 account ~~ talk to my self ~~
it will be fun having 4 people conversation than two ppl conversation ~~ :P

haha ~~kenneth ~i can't sleep ne r~~ T.T

pig said...

duh.... duh..... duh.....
*calling bukit padang now*

~G~ said...

yish ~ no need lar ~~ haha ~~ talk to me ok dy ~~ wahkaka ~~ :P

pig said...

talk 2 u?? u say d a.. i call u now..

~G~ said...

oh yea ~~u do called me ~~ :P

pig said...

how many hours was tat.. lol

~G~ said...

1 something ~ :P cb ~~
then msn one dunno how many hours lar ~ kns ~ :P

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own post about it