Monday, February 2, 2009

7th & 8th day of CNY~~年初七八~~

Since that stupid badminton day~~ T.T
tired like shit ~~ :P
so sleep like piG at home for the whole day....
and also....stuck in my own house for the whole day...

it's 7th day of's called “人日” means "day of HUMAN"..
eatinG raw fish--"鱼生"and 捞生...with family... :P
CHINESE believes that the more hiGh you 捞it...the more hiGher stats you Get miGht Get :P....步步高升
升and生 have the same pronounce...

then hor~~~
i exercise aGain !!WTF~~!!
i pushed a VAN from my loronG to YunG loronG...then push back aGain from loronG 8 back to loronG 11 @.@"'
why ???because it break down lar !!! :P

dunno why can't start the enGine ar =.="'

after that !!! :P
haha !! LAMIIIIIIIIII!!!! ~~~~at PTY maths again !!! :P
i love MATHS !!!

8th day of CNY...
can considered as "yum cha" day... :)
yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha yum cha .....

hokkien mee and fish head nearby old YUK CHIN :P
it's about 11am :)

at 1st...i thought only 3 person :P
Gun, GreG, YunG...
cause i SMS ALFRED but stupid one lar !!!~~ -.-*
no reply wah ~~bler :P

when pick up YunG and Gun....YunG called FenG....FenG called AlfreD...and all the rest on the pic :P GEnG wer ~~
then it increased until 10 person !!! :P wow ~~~Great joB ~~ :P

then don't know which "BAKCHI"
(i also forget is who oledi T.T) say wanna go pick up YihShin who was working...
but having lunch break...
then after 1hour...we ended up at shanG nyuk mian there EATING aGain T.T

生肉面 shang nyuk mian :P
HEY ~~!!!
TAWAUians who cannot come back here~~~
miss it ler !!!
let's you guys “watch plum stop thirst” 望梅止渴

GreG, FenG, Jinn, TonGLip, YihShin, Gun, AlfreD, Milk, YunG, TzeWei
10 of us...
unexpected increase amount of ppl :P


SO FULL LAR~~~eat eat eat eat eat ~~
if not raining...
i'll be yum chan aGain at "tic-tac-toe" aGain.. :P
DAmn full lar~~


feierh said...

wow...non-stop eating!!!
i miss that sang nyuk men and lemon sui@.@

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

lemon tea "peng" !!! yeah ~~~ :P
come back lar wei ~~!!! :P

Anonymous said...

wht bak chi... is genius who so thoughtful asked me out :) i was bored to death at office lar... ask me out again please .. :D

feierh said...

hahaha lemon teh peng!
i'm going back!!!wait me there... in june..haha:D
will you have break in june?

feierh said...
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pig said...

T.T i wan tat 福建面 n shang nyuk mian ooooooooo.. wan them so badly..
post them over here plz.. lol

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..i POST oledi at my BLOG what !!! wahkaka !!! :P

pig said...

-.-''' courier 2 me ba..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ....
dun wan ar ~~ come back lar ~~~ :P

pig said...

T.T coming bak...... in few months time hopefully..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ..if i get my intern job at TAWAU during my summer ~~
let's hanG out toGether :P

pig said...

wut if u didnt??
i'll definitely hang out wif u whenever u find me d.. no worry bout tat..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

don't curse me !!
i dun wanna work at KL !!!
haha !!
i wan to go home ~~ T.T

pig said...

good man.. full support 2 u..
twu is d bez.. well.. 4 me it is..

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha !!!
cause got daddy mummy mah ~~~ !!!

pig said...

90% of my family in twu.. not juz parents o.. lol
everything is fine except 4 d corruption, fat n slow policemen, blackout n cut water.. XD

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

yeap !~~
and if no friends here really boring till die lor~~ :P

pig said...

erm.. u n me meh fren lo..
i still hv my cousins them.. ngek ngek ngek..
our family gang is so big so strong.. wahahahahaha..