Saturday, February 21, 2009

A very "soi" day T.T

I saw the sunrise today~~
and i also saw the sunset today~~ :P
what a day~~ ^.^
sunset on the way to ONE UTAMA

since so tired~~
i slept for the whole day~~
then waked up by CINDY~~ T.T
say wanna Go watch movie and makan~~!!!
then we ended up at ONE UTAMA and makan at 旺角茶餐厅~~

posinG at 旺角茶餐厅 while orderinG food :P
shit~~i'm GettinG fatter and fatter~~

after makan~~
we Go for MOVIE~~~
yea yea ~~ ^.^
so happy~~
and it's also the startinG of our bad, "hok", "soi" day~~ T.T

We watched 2 stupid movie at that particular niGht~~
1st is PUNISHER 2 at TGV...

damn sienz ~~
don't watch don't watch ~~ :P

Then the 2nd one at GSC~~

actually i watched this movie oledi lor ~~ T.T
but i thouGht is another movie ~~
this movie i cannot Get what they doinG there T.T
so i sleep in the cinema~~
1st time sleepinG at cinema ~~ :P

so i niGht started with 2 very teruk movie T.T
after that ~~ we go PUDU fetch stupid EaHuiXin~~
and go "yum cha"~~

stupid EaHuiXin which come back from Singapore :P
this also considered as one of the "soi" thinG ~~ :)
wahkaka ~~

the most "soi" thinG is~~
when we GoinG pass a traffic liGht~~
some blue liGht blinkinG and shone at us~~ T.T
it's POLICE~~!!!
the most expensice paper in this world ~~ RM300 >.<

ChuaVuiSenG...the driver~~无奈的表情+发票~~ T.T

the 1st saman i see in my life ~~ T.T


pig said...

punisher 2 hvnt watch but burn after reading is reli shit.. it should b a comedy but it juz sux.. juz like u.. XP
anyway dun angry a.. i tot ur hok soi day is after eat stomachache n go bomb in public toilet then all cinemas r full after long Q then hving transportation problem n cant get bak 2 house.. lol
but its quite good 2 c sunrise n sunset all in a day..
i oweyz do tat coz i sleep aftr sunrise n wake up be4 sunset.. lol
ofcoz is when i dun go uni la.. if i go uni onli can c sunset..

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ i also i also ~~~ :P
wahkaka ~~ wahsheh ~~ you wanna curse me until like that mer ~~~
that one is a shit day lor ~` T.T

pig said...

din curse u la..
wont do tat la..
if i curse u a.. who bring me go play o when i go kl..
ur house is 1 of d station i wanna stop by when i go kl d wo.. lol
i wan 2 eat good food on ur wedding nite oso.. so faz faz go propose 2 marie la.. hahahahahaha

3C said...

Wasn't there another way to get out other than the summon?

chubikia said...

Sounds like fun. Thats what I call a dreadful marathon :P

Wanted to meet up with Hui Xin as well but had work to do. Sigh.

~G~ said...

haha...stupid piG~what die lar you ~~

3C..who are you ? :P wahkaka...we didn't choose the another way because we want to "donate" money to Goverment pocket mar ~~ :P
not the police pocket >.< T.T up with her will niGhtmare one ar ~~ :P

3C said...

I'm a mysterious fan.....
figure out yourself....

~G~ said...

where can Guess oh~~ :P
ho lap fei?
tell me da answer lar ~~ >.<