Monday, February 9, 2009

14th Day of CNY~~年初十四~~

well.. well ...well... @.@
after underGoinG 由轻松慵懒 chanGinG become 紧张惊险 的 yesterday...
i FINALLY reached semenyih T.T
UNIM ~~~
GoinG to start lesson on Tuesday :P
must go class oh ~~

after the LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG saturday which nearly missed my fliGht...
i'm at UNIM now ~~ :P
and after my last meal at LCCT...
one set of BIG 1900...
until 1600 i just have my lunch...
too hunGry while
i bouGht bananaSSSSssss~~~

BANANAsss+pan mian + ABC

At niGht~~
ate STEAM BOT~~~
wow ~~full until die ~~ with Joseph friend, YewChunG...and yewChunG friend...NIKI...
hey Guys~~
nice to meet you Guys ~~
Steam bot + part of YewChunG head + restraunt name

our activity before steam bot and after pan mian is SWIMMING~~~
hehe ~~~
actually is my camera tryinG time ~~ :P

haha ~~~
cool o not ??
fatter one is me T.T
yea..i do really Gained alots of weiGht..
but Joseph lose weight :P
so not fair ~~~ every one should Gain weiGht durinG CNY bah ~~

i so scare lar ~~~
hopefully my last sem results safetly passed :P
oh GOD~~help me plz ~~


pig said...

hahahahahaha.. this is funi.. kampate..

Ceci said...

ouuu!! evryone shud gain weight during cny?!?! one is willing=P

- Alfred - said...

yea, i wish i gain weight too... hahhaa =)

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ~~~
no one willing but still unfortunetly MUST ~~~ mar ~~
cause eat eat eat only ~~~
then swiming not in the water :P

pig said...

me "mao det sit" o.. haiz.. T.T

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ~~ dai shi ~~~
who ask u Go uk :P

pig said...

i can answer u tat simple question.. "my parents"

ЯάĉЋάξL Lιм said...

wah!!! im hungry!!!